Hip to Be.

By Amy Goldberg

Why did I gravitate to the HipSilver community? Did they have me at ‘hip?’

It’s complicated and yet by contrast, refreshingly not. The quick answer is that finally someone gets me, and the language used to wrap the thinking around how I am, right here and now as an energetically and creatively charged 60+ human.

Because it’s hip to just be ... yes, just be. It’s hip to be me (and you) in all our glorious beingness.

Not a word. I just made it up.

It’s hip to discover a community of groovy ideas, resources, and thinking that speak to my soul. My active aging self that just needs to stay curious and inspired, all the while, of course looking fabulous. Feeling fabulous.

The HipSilver community has brought together for the benefit of others a curated experience where creativity and a life led with gusto is top of mind. Whether it be reading and learning about Richard La Plante and the way breathing can change one’s physiology, or how journaling from The Change Companies with Don Kuhl and team can support lasting and positive behaviour change - how about Chef Robert (aka Dr. Rob) and his wife, Julie bringing their own magic to the blend with their unique innovation and spark with FRESH 5 for health and healing. If you haven’t checked it out, I encourage you to leap into it.

There’s more to discover and I’m looking forward to diving into the community and getting more of, well, more!

As I write this, it’s not so much about the collective itself as it is about the way the collective has been brought together and consciously formed. With a pure interest and intent for one’s overall well-being as one moves into another phase of one’s life. In fact, a misunderstood and dare I say, quoting a friend who said it beautifully; the last bastion of so called " acceptable discrimination" that needs to be called out. Enough.

I am not who other’s think I am, at this stage of my life, based upon my age – a number. Not even close! Who do I think I am? Much to my enjoyment, I’m still figuring out how hip I am. I’m exploring and delving into the possibilities, as I hope you are too.

Being open to the opportunities this community can share is where I start. What we share together. To be inspired by one another. Ah yes, it’s the spark of inspiration that has me fired up and fully charged.

When we understand that ultimately, it’s up to each of us to put one foot in front of the other and walk in a direction we want to be growing (not a typo), then HipSilver will appear – ah, and it did. So, we embrace this experience with eyes wide open and curiosity a blazing. I’m up for it! I’m ready.

So much to write ..... and yet until next time I’m going to hang out virtually with Richard Le Plante, Don Kuhl, Dr. Rob and Julie, and others in the tranquil environment I created for myself while feeling chill and fabulous.

Thank you HipSilver community for sharing your gifts, wisdom, and innovation. I can’t wait to discover more from you!
Love ya, Amy

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