Free Falling In Coronaville

September?  Nooo, it cannot be!
When did July and August flee?
Their melted days began at noon
Than ran a race to catch the moon
I think they had a master plan
To fly as fast as each one can
How else to now explain what passed
And why this Fall came much too fast!
As days all shrink, and soon get dark
It gets too late to walk the park
Or take a chilly evening run
Or even soak more hours of sun
But maybe there’s a gift in this
Some other way to access bliss
Some new found path to concentration
Might be…a one-day Tech Vacation!
It only takes one day a week
To bar your phone from “text” or “speak”
Then hide computers in some space
Where you won’t even see their face
A Sunday might just fit the bill
To give yourself some room to chill
Without the phone on full display
And emails that take half a day!
You might just sit and stare in space
Or take a walk in slower pace
To stop to take a closer look
Or maybe… even read a book!?!
Withdrawal may be hard at first
Some strong addiction pipes may burst
And you may forge a mental list   
In fear of what you might have missed
And if a day’s too much to score
Then why not do it just till 4?
Your calm till then will still unfold
To disengage from tech’s tight hold
So, take a chance and dump that crave
That keeps us all a “techhie” slave
And pick one day and take a pass
Who knows, it just might save your ass!

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