It’s Hip To Give Thanks

by Amy Goldberg

I’m reminded that Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to pause and reflect on what it is that we’re thankful for. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Wow, I’m struggling, as this has been yet another challenging year.” In fact, you may be expanding upon that thought where you’re digging a little deeper to perhaps recognize that this past year may have given you more than you could have ever imagined?

A test of will. A period where it has tapped into your resiliency and strength of self. A time where being vulnerable has, and had to be, embraced. Not only by you, but the entire human population. A time, in fact, where no one was alone in the understanding of what was happening. Even if it felt isolating. 

What it did bring was a better understanding of what you could endure. Who you could lean toward. What you needed to do to keep yourself well. Well in the sense of what you needed to ‘be.’ And who you needed to ‘be’ with.

Family is with whomever you call ‘home’ in your heart. Family does not need to be defined as kin. There is no need for boundaries or boarders that define how you feel toward another that lifts your soul. That speaks to your spirit. That brings you joy and love.

Interestingly, as I’m writing this, it just occurred to me that HipSilver could be that of which you call, family. A community of hip, open-minded, fun-spirited, active aging human beings striving and thriving too just, be. Where you and I just get one another. How refreshing is that!

It is hip to give thanks, because every day there is something, one thing that you and I can be, and should be thankful for. It’s still great that we have a designated day to appreciate what we have and give thanks. I just hope it’s not the only day.

As an encore to your feast, let your heart be full and always stay hip. xo

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