July... In Coronaville

by Cynthia Adler 


I think of July as a month to comply
With a celebratory infusion
Of some firecrackers, light-works, and trips to the beach And yes, most of this now is a delusion!

We’ve been cooped up for months in some quarantined bunks And our muscles feel weak as a lamb’s
And our bodies can’t slim cause there ain’t been no gym
And we’re binging on chocolate and jams!

It’s a kind of July we’ve not seen in our life
So we’re forced to explore new invention
As we venture outside to some sunshine and light With a mask and a distance intention

On a blanket or chair, you can lie with your face
Soaking sunshine and air in a luscious green space
It’s a time for renewal and internal healing
From all those past months and the stress we’ve been feeling

So go on, hug a tree, stick your nose in a flower You might feel a change within less than an hour Take a walk in a park or a run near a lake
But stay conscious of the distance you still have to take

Don’t binge on the news or your emails uploading Or all the new tech that each day is exploding
Yes summer is here to deliver some goods
While we’re all on the trail...

but not, out of the woods.


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