My Isolation Fix… in the time of Corona

Written and performed by Cynthia Adler

I am looking at life in the rear
and just wondering how I got here
this suggestion or question
just sparks indigestion…
and no one can answer
I fear
I know that I want to stay sane
and I’m trying hard not to complain
but I’m locked up inside and I think that this ride
may just take till the end of the year
 so in order to cope
(no, it’s not smoking dope)
I take something to keep
from unhinging
it’s a way easy way
just to get through each day
the solution?
It’s chocolate binging
all those emails that come
at a staggering sum
make me feel I could drown my computer
but then as I delete
I just sit there and eat
And that chocolate high
makes me neuter 
I’m just freaked at the news
and I know I can choose
not to watch anything that’s upsetting
but with three bars or so
I can give it a go
and not freak at the info I’m getting
 so the thing that’s divine, is to get bars online
but make sure that they’re medium dark
and just eat maybe four
till you don’t care no more
that you may never walk near
a human…

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  • Jennifer Edson

    Love this. Brilliant. Wish she we could have seen her do her spoken word instead of a static picture there…

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