Politics-Pandemic and…The Vote


 by Cynthia Adler

.. and no…it’s not funny. 

We are here, in place for now, traveling in our imagination, but with no destination in view.  What has it felt like in quarantine, life as we know it still moving within our systems, but now regulated to a mask and a six foot distance and a good supply of hand sanitizer.

It has been hard for so many people to keep a good attitude, watching the news and hearing about people you know being infected.  My heart breaks for so many people who have lost so much, and others, who for the first time find themselves having to stand on line at a Food Bank so they can feed their children. 

And knowing that so much of this …could have been preventable.

It is hard sometimes to keep a good frame of mind in the face of not knowing just how long this new way of life will be the norm, trying not to binge on cookies or jam eaten straight out of the jar with a spoon while binging on old television series, living on Planet Zoom so we can keep in touch with the people we love, without actually touching them.

Can we even take in what we are seeing now? I think we have to.  I think we have no choice.  We are forced to look. We are forced to listen.  So if we can surrender to that now, we just may see some of the veils dropping down…in our own lives, and in the life of this country.

But there is a light in this ultra strange tunnel we are passing through. And it is forcing us see what we haven’t seen before, because of all the distractions and pressures that filled our lives every single waking minute of every single day.  And I think that light has a name…it’s Clarity.  A new kind of vision for a new kind of world.  We can’t run to the Movies or a Concert, or the Carnival anymore. No. The Carnival has come to us…big time. 

We are living in Groundhog Day…each day melting into another, while we foray into a daily Easter egg hunt, digging down in the political dirt to find the Integrity, the Honesty and the Truth, trying to get a grip on a life, that has already changed form.

We are waking if we choose to. If we stop and breathe, and are not too afraid to look at what is moving at record speed on one level, and a slow and steadily adjusting clock on the other, that lays in wait now, for a very long awaited answer.

VOTE… like your life depends on it.  It does.




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