“What’s Inside…Your Pumpkin?” Some thoughts on Halloween this year


Remember when you were a kid, and you helped your Mom or Dad scrape out the inside of the pumpkin so you could carve out the eyes and nose and mouth?  And then you put a candle in it? Lots of people would make wishes over the pumpkin, after they came back from a Halloween party, or a Trick or Treat round in the neighborhood with their kids.  And if you didn’t have any kids, sometimes you could borrow your neighbor’s kids so you could get some free candy? (After they had done the rounds earlier in another section of the town.)

What might Trick or Treat be like this year?  Covered in a mask.  “No Mask… No Marshmellows!!” could be one of the signs on the door of a house nearby.  Another might say, “You’ve Already Gained Too Much Weight, So We’re Only Giving Out

Fruit.  If That Doesn’t Appeal To You, Please Take a Pass.” 

But all that aside, maybe this year you can do something different.  Maybe this year you could carve out the inside of the Pumpkin, but skip the nose and mouth.  Then, put a pretty flowered mask over where the mouth and nose would have been.  Then carve out some non-scary eyes. Like someone you could easily talk to.  Then, sit down with a glass of something yummy, and tell the Pumpkin each and every thing that you’ve been scared and frightened of in your life.  And after you’ve unloaded all those things to the Pumpkin…  You might be really surprised when you take off its mask, that the Pumpkin has suddenly developed a small mouth…  

And appears… to be smiling!

Have a truly Happy Halloween, Hip Silvers.

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