Women's Dandy & Son - Profile

Introduction by Gail Bruce 

Rashid Silvera, HipSilver Men's Fashion Curator, discovered an incredible shirt maker located in Oslo, Norway. He told me about Trond Isnes, the founder/ceo of DANDY & SON, and shared with me how much he loved their extreme cut-away collar and that he was the proud owner of at least two dozen of them. I liked the new, fresh look and thought in passing that it could be a great silhouette for women. Then, the sample shirt arrived from Oslo, and I fell in love. It was more than fabulous. The fabric was top quality, the cut of the collar was unique and the perfect neckline to showcase a wonderful necklace, like the Jan Michaels Rose Quartz Rope shown in the photo on the left partnered with Jan's new sweater cuffs.

Right away, I knew we women had to steal DANDY & SON away for ourselves to have the ideal "boyfriend shirt" for the Silver Generation. I had my friends and some of our HipSilver Curators try them on. Each and every one of them fell in love

About Dandy & Son 

In 2016 he founded DANDY & SON. While he still owns multiple businesses, Trond spends more-and-more time working on his creative projects and being a central part of DANDY & SON's design team. A 39-year-old father of two, he spends his spare time with his family and friends and also enjoys the pleasures of golf, cooking, wine, and art.

DANDY & SON is a different kind of clothing line: a small, family-owned clothier brand. They value individualism, creativity, and playfulness, and their main priority is their customers. They make this promise to you: "we will do everything in our power to make you happy and we’ll never sell a single item of clothing that we wouldn’t be proud to have hanging in our own closet."

DANDY & SON is selling exclusively online and now has more than 90% of its customers outside Scandinavia, with North America as its main market.