Dr. Danya, Episode #2
Eating for Wellness 

Welcome back to our Dr. Danya series. For this second episode, we are thrilled to be tackling the topic of “food as medicine” with  Dr. Robert Graham - aka “Dr. Rob the Chef” - a Harvard trained researcher and physician specializing in integrative medicine who is also a food activist and a Chef.

Research shows that chronic illnesses can be reversed, improved or treated by lifestyle changes and dietary awareness. We know that what we put in our bodies matters, yet how often are we approaching our eating habits and food intake as a means of restorative health? In this episode, I explore this question with Dr. Rob Graham: which foods can directly benefit longevity and impact health-related issues that affect the Silver age?

Dr. Rob’s approach to health and wellness stems from his concept of FRESH Medicine – which is an acronym that stands for “Food - Relaxation - Exercise - Sleep - Happiness.” These are the pillars or ingredients from which he has based his holistic approach to treating individuals -- not through modern day prescriptions alone, but through what he refers to as “lifestyle prescriptions” in which he will prescribe yoga, meditation, and nutrition with whole foods.

In this episode, we will be delving into Dr. Rob’s first pillar of FRESH: “F” - Food. Dr. Rob will teach us about five specific foods – Beans, Berries, Broccoli, Greens and Nuts – all of which are easy to incorporate into one’s diet and that will make a big internal difference for Silvers.

Dr. Rob bases his approach on the “Blue Zones” which are five regions in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the U.S. that researchers have identified as having the highest concentrations of centenarians (people living to 100 and beyond) in the world. Blue Zone centenarians share many traits such as naturally active lifestyles (that don’t necessitate going to the gym), having long term friendships with like-minded people to support healthy habits, and healthy food intake. While the regions are geographically far apart and the cultures vastly different, these individuals that lived the longest shared very similar diets consisting primarily of vegetables. With approximately 90% of the diet being plant-based, Blue Zone folks also favor whole grains, fruits, nuts, and seeds and they typically limit meat, dairy, and sugar.

Dr. Rob reminds us that in the early days of medicine, prescriptions consisted of actual recipes with specific foods and herbs. With Dr. Rob’s work with Performance Kitchen, he is bringing this concept to the present day with medically tailored meals designed to treat very specific conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. This innovative approach to health is even being embraced by some health insurances so that doctors will be able to prescribe pre-made frozen healthy meals that are tailored to specific medical conditions, these prescribed meals can be sent directly to the patient, and insurances are starting to pay for them because they are recognizing the medicinal value of these food “prescriptions.” This is a game changer for patients and doctors alike.

Dr. Rob The Chef reminds us that the reins of health really can be taken back by each of us if we consciously and carefully choose what we put in our mouths. (Easier said than done, I know – but awareness is the first step!!).

These are a few behind-the-scenes images on the set of Ramscale Studio and HipSilver's offices. 

Dr. Danya; Gail Bruce (CEO and Founder of Hip Silver); Dr. Rob

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HipSilver's Director Piyush Thakur and Editorial Writer, Cassidy Wingate