Use it or Lose it - HipSilver Contributor Richard La Plante


By Richard La Plante 


The expression is true and pertains to, among other things, the way we breathe. Many of us have lost our way regarding breath and have become mouth or chest breathers. It’s time to return to basics, so close your mouth and breath. Starting with the belly and moving the breath up into the mid and upper chest, like filling a barrel with water, except its oxygen we are pouring in, through the nose, expanding the rib cage, which has a nasty habit of losing its shape if we don’t use it.

Affecting our posture, causing us to hunch forward… I think of a cashew nut. Whether it’s a round of golf, a romp in the bedroom, or running a marathon, everything we do depends on oxygen.  Our level of performance, strength, and endurance, our rate of aging is affected by the efficiency of how we breathe.