Monochromatic Styling with Renee's Readers 

Today we're creating monochromatic looks with Elietian leggings, tops, and coverups and matching them with Renee's Readers!

There's a 99.9% chance that someone is wearing Renee's Readers during our Zoom HipSilver meetings... we just love them! Not only are they stylish, offer a variety of styles for different shaped faces, but their transitions make it incredibly functional!

Just as reading glasses are incredibly essential to many Silvers, Elietian layering pieces are Silver Staples we cannot live without! We strive for our clothes to be comfortable and effortlessly stylish and Elietian achieves just that! 

These Year Round Leggings come in an array of colors, from burgundy to ivory and even teal! 

Elietian's Date Night Wrap is a wonderful piece to have while we transition into spring! 

Take your look to the next level by adding a matching statement piece such as Cha Cha's Asymmetrical Wide Brim Fedora!  

Pick a Sunday Brunch Poncho to match your leggings!