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They are stylish, they are active, and they are involved. These men and women are the trusted Hipsilver Contributors. Considered experts in their fields, they use their years of experience to make careful selections of unique products and excellent content.

Cynthia Adler

Elizabeth Bloom

Judith Boyd

Claudia Colli

John Henry Cox

Janet Forman

Amy Goldberg

Charles Goodwin

Chef Robert E. Graham

Billy Hayes

Robin Hilliard

Carol Hyatt

Bibi Jordan

Barbara Ligeti

Bob Martin

Monte Mathews

Geoffrey Menin

Richard La Plante

Dr. Danya Reich

Ellen Sherman

Rashid Silvera

Cathy Cash Spellman

Founding Contributors

These HipSilvers helped get HipSilver off the ground in the beginning. Read their profiles and see how their visions came to life.

Gail Bruce

In Memory Of

Helen MacIsaac

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John Maroney